About Us

We are a web agency founded in march 2009 (formerly InspireOne). For the last few years we gained solid professional experience in creating web applications by using mainly modern, open source technologies. Our skills allows us to develop any unique and unconventional solution. We are experienced in data storage, data & video streaming, connecting external APIs.

We focus mainly on dedicated apps created for a single client, basing on our CMS solution, but we can also use some popular CMS systems like Wordpress or Typo3. It's important for us to finish the project in required time, so we start to work hard on it, right after the specification is accepted by the client.

Our approach to web development is complex and starts at gathering requirements, analysis of client needs, then creating specification. Further goes implementation, testing, deployment in production environment and ending at long term support.

From the technical view, we always try to keep high standards, which involves:

Our Skills

Web technologies

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • DOM
  • XML
  • SOAP

Web libraries

  • jQuery
  • jQueryUI
  • Angular.js
  • Bootstrap

Server side & apps

  • PHP 5 & 7
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
  • Linux administration
  • C++ / C#
  • Java

Libraries & tools

  • Symfony 2 PHP framework
  • Phalcon PHP framework
  • Doctrine
  • Smarty/Twig tempate engine
  • PHPUnit
  • phpDocumentor
  • SVN
  • GIT
  • NetBeans IDE

Our Services

We offer a broad range of IT services, which include the mentioned below. We focus on web development, but we're capable of working on other IT tasks if the client needs it.

Dedicated web applications

Do you prefer a personalized approach to your project?

We offer web development fully customized and tailored to client's needs. We consult and suggest best tools to use in the project - databases, frameworks and libraries. Best choice for big, unconventional or complex web applications.

CMS based websites

In need of a simple and easy to manage website?

We offer all you need to make it running quickly. Installation, configuration, development of new plugins. You can choose CMS to use in project - Wordpress, Typo3 or our internal CMS. Best choice for typical, simple or small websites.

Server administration & setup

Do you want to setup a dedicated or VPS server?

We offer installation, configuration and administration of linux based servers. Includes handling of HTTP servers, FTP servers, database servers, e-mail servers, scripting engines, security tools. All configured to maximize performance and security.

Security audit

Are you afraid of your website being hacked?

We offer a detailed analysis of possible security vulnerabilities of your website, ending with a report for client with suggested actions needed to improve the security.

Website speed optimization

Your website is running slowly?

Let us analyze and find the performance bottlenecks in both backend & frontend. We will create a report with suggested enhancements to decrease loading time and lower server resource consumption. In next step we can implement the changes.

Integration with APIs

Do you want to connect your website to external API?

We have experience in integration of many popular APIs like payment systems, social websites, photo sharing, geolocation, searching and many more.

Complex problems solving

Do you have some computational problem to solve?

We can develop a solution using evolutionary & heuristic algorithms for problems like timetabling, scheduling and other of exponential computational complexity.

Body leasing / outsourcing

In need for an IT expert to outsource some tasks?

Our employees can be assigned to work only for you in specified period of time, with help & expertise from other members of our team. This can be much cheaper than hiring someone for permanent.

Selected Projects

Sample Pricing

Displayed prices are relative to a typical websites and are subject to change, depending on specific requirements and project size. To get a more precise calculations, please contact us and give some information about your project or idea. We will analyze it and send you quite exact price or ask you some additional questions if needed.




  • Backend and frontend
  • Performance tests
  • Report of bottlenecks & suggested improvements
  • Implementation of improvements

Static website



  • Responsive layout
  • Fully customized
  • Up to 5 static pages or sections
  • Deployment to your virtual hosting

Dynamic website



  • Responsive layout
  • Fully customized
  • CMS based
  • Deployment to your virtual hosting
  • Unlimited number of pages

Rich web app



  • Responsive layout
  • Fully customized
  • CMS based or dedicated solution
  • Deployment to virtual or dedicated server
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Additional plugins developed

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us using the contact form, e-mail, phone or Skype. Tell us about your ideas, needs or problems. We will strive to help you ang propose a solution that meets your requirements without ruining your budget. We respect your time and always try to respond as soon as possible.

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